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Help Us Program A Show With Your Favorite Beethoven!

We are celebrating Beethoven all this month and next month as we count down to his 250th birthday on Dec. 16. Every week from now until mid-December we will have The Beethoven Concert Series on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, where we will re-create his famous concerts and play his most famous pieces.

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Original Thinkers plans “an ingenious heist of people’s brains”

Not long ago, a friend observed David Holbrooke, founder of Telluride’s Original Thinkers Festival, at his post — leading  troops and extinguishing assorted fires. Impressed by Holbrooke’s multitasking, the friend praised him as the “ringmaster” of his festival’s circus.  Holbrooke replied that he prefers a similar, yet not-identical title: “Yeah, OK,” he said. “But think […]

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